Who We Are

In the New Testament times, the church was an assembly. It was a gathering of people from all walks of life who found their common identity as servants of God, as followers of Jesus, and as recipients of the Holy Spirit. The early church was a gathering of “redeemed” ones, those whose lives had been transformed by God’s grace through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

At Cornerstone, we aspire to identify with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit as the early church did. We diligently study the Scriptures—God’s Word to us—to learn about the ways and works of God. We try to take an honest look out ourselves to see ourselves as God does: as sinners in need of grace and sanctification. We worship God together, we fellowship together, we pray together. Together, we celebrate the blessings of redemption and encourage each other to endure life’s hardships with faith, patience, and joy.

Church is a way of life. It is fellowship, a circle of unseemly friends brought together by a common faith, a common doctrine, and a common commitment to a life of holiness, prayer, love, and growth.