Spiritual Growth & Cornerstone


Spiritual growth is more than a series of decisions or commitments to the Lord. It is more than dedicating your life to the mission field or your body to be burned. Spiritual growth is love!

Love of God and love of your fellow man, with an emphasis on the brethren. When Cornerstone designed its mission statement over a series of several studies and meetings, the resulting mission statement was created to be an effective mission statement for the church as well as for individual spiritual growth. 

While spiritual growth involves both putting off evil behavior and clothing oneself in godliness, Jesus Christ make it clear that all of the law, commands and prohibitions, could be summed up under the great law and one like unto it: 1) Love God with all of your heart and soul; and 2) Love your neighbor as yourself.

Additionally, so much of the content of New Testament epistles stressed instructions for the local church in how they relate to "one another," with such a focus emphasized in Galatians 6:10, that Cornerstone's mission statement separates and emphasizes love for one-another from and above love for the lost world around us. This is not to commend lovelessness but to prioritize the familial relationships that ought to characterize the local church.

So spiritual growth at Cornerstone is measured by love. This then, may or may not involve upping your ante on your decisions to serve God in particular ways. But it should always be measured as a loving response to God or to others around you. How is your love?


Youth & family Summer Camps

Our summer camps are operated in cooperation with Northland Ministries in Dunbar, Wisconsin