What to Expect?


We care about your walk with God and enjoy the grace of God that allows us to be fruitful in the lives of one another. You'll find that our members enjoy visiting before and after services. A continental breakfast is served each Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. before Sunday School and members tend to linger in the foyer following services.


Visitors can relax and take in our services with a sense of privacy. You will not be asked to introduce yourself publicly, pray aloud or speak publicly.


Many of our members dress in a style that can be called "business casual." 


A nursery is available but not required. Parents with restless or noisy children can observe the service from the glass-walled foyer with audio feed from the service.


You will notice our pastor uses a lot of Scripture references during the sermon. Time is allowed for you to find those passages and see first-hand what each passage says. Feel free to bring your own Bible or use a pew Bible provided.


Youth & family Summer Camps

Our Summer Camps are operated in cooperation with Northland Ministries in Dunbar, Wisconsin